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Blood Thinners meant to Prevent Reoccurrence of Blood Clots

Mar 23, 2017

Blood Thinners meant to Prevent Reoccurrence of Blood Clots

According to a novel study, prolonged use of blood thinners is more efficient than the age-old aspirin in averting a reoccurrence of possibly life-threatening blood clots in patients who are at higher risk. Patients who frequently develop blood clots are prescribed blood thinning drugs for almost 6 to 12 months dependingon the severity. When these drugs are discontinued, a few patients have a chance of developing another clot which might lead to a stroke or heart attack. Blood clots are semisolid mass of coagulated white and red blood cells that alters form liquid to a gel-like state. It can be life threatening in case it breaks and travels to the lungs, or develops in a deep vein, wherein it can obstruct the normal blood supply resulting in a stroke or heart attack. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has been concluded that approximately 900,000 people are affected by blood clots each year in the United States. There was a study presented at an annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology, the test was conducted on 3,365 patients from across 30 countries who were given rivaroxabanwhich is a blood thinner and it proved to reduce the risk of reoccurrence of blood clots by almost 70 percent as compared to aspirin, and that too with no risk of bleeding. The medical researchers followed the patients for almost a whole year and witnessed that 1.2% of patients on 10 mg on every day basis and 1.5% of patients who were on 20 mg of rivaroxaban every day, had reoccurring blood clot. Counterpointing 4.4% of the patients who were taking aspirin had prevalence of reoccurrence. The total number of patients who underwent bleeding was alike in the aspirin and rivaroxaban groups. Dr. Philip Wells who is a co-investigator of the research, stated that the study shows that patients must stop the use of aspirin since there is no evident point. There is no said difference in bleeding between the aspirin and the rivaroxaban groups and there is clearly more efficiency from the latter group. Presently, more than half the patients who require extended treatment are not receiving it. Nearly 10 to 15% of patients who require treatment are taking aspirin, that the earlier studies have determined to be more than 30% effective than a placebo. Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., i.e., a unit of Johnson & Johnson’s brand name Xarelto markets Rivaroxaban.Primarily it was developed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals which actually provided the funds needed for the study.

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