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Giant pharmaceutical company and an immunotherapy start-up partner to develop new cancer immunotherapies

Mar 23, 2017

Giant pharmaceutical company and an immunotherapy start-up partner to develop new cancer immunotherapies

Pierre Fabre, a French pharmaceutical company has partnered with H-Immune, an immunotherapeutics start-up to develop anticancer antibody agents. Both these companies have entered a tactical research partnership to generate the novel cancer immunotherapies.Together they will use H-Immune’s In Vitro Immunization (IVI) technology policy to develop superior fully human antibody candidates. This settlement will act as the primary step in a programme to create the therapeutics.This association will render Pierre Fabre an access to the IVI stage for three separate immune-oncology discovery programs. H-immune will accept undisclosed R&D funding and impending future milestone payments. There are several types of cancers, wherein a few of the body’s cells start to divide without stopping and gradually spread into the surrounding tissues. It can begin anywhere in the body, and many cancers form solid tumors, which are solid masses of tissues. However, blood cancer, i.e., leukemia do not usually form solid tumors. An extension from the French Atomic Energy Commission, H-Immune has created the IVI technology, thereby giving advantage to an approach to develop a series of fully human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against any therapeutic target. Immunotherapy, which is also known as biological therapy, is a specific type of cancer treatment fabricated to promote the natural defence mechanism of the human body to fight cancer. Cancer immunotherapies makes use of substances that are either made in a laboratory or made by the human body to boost or reinstate immune system function. Luc Boblet, H-Immune co-founder and CEO stated that he thinks that Pierre Fabre is an appropriate partner for H-Immune to assist in starting to realise the entire potential of the H-Immune’s science and technology. He feel the collaboration is specially made to catalyse and develop remarkable current scientific and product development synergy by leveraging every company’s assets and strengths. Laurent Audoly, head of Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals R&D further stated that he thinks this partnership will enhance the true potential of both partners to give transformational therapeutics to patients in areas of considerable unmet medical requirements. Pierre Fabre creates pharmaceuticals with the help of its Pierre Fabre Immunology Centre of excellence (CIPF) which is situated in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France.

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