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Merrimack Pioneers Phase 1 Research Study of MM-310 in Solid Tumors

Apr 11, 2017

Merrimack Pioneers Phase 1 Research Study of MM-310 in Solid Tumors

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals have has entered their first patient in a Phase 1 research study of MM-310 in solid tumors.

MM-310 is an antibody directed nanotherapeutic (ADN), which capsulizes a new taxane and directs the EphA2 receptor. It is a type of a protein that reviews propose in over-expressed in 50 to 100 percent of several key types of tumors, which included ovarian, gastric, prostate, pancreatic, bladder, and lung cancers.

VasileiosAskoxylakis, MD, PhD, Medical Director and MM-310 Project Leader at Merrimack said, “The initiation of this study is an important step in evaluating MM-310’s safety and preliminary activity in patients diagnosed with solid tumors.”

He further added, “MM-310 was designed to maximise targeted delivery and local activation of a newly engineered and proprietary prodrug of docetaxel, a broadly-used potent chemotherapy that is often associated with significant drug-related toxicities, with a goal of minimising exposure to healthy tissue. We look forward to continuing MM-310’s development via this study.”

In numerous preclinical prototypes, MM-310 not justpresentedhigher antitumor activity when equated with free docetaxel, but also fewer hematologic toxicities.

Pharmacology and preliminary activity of MM-310, along with safety will be evaluated by the Phase 1 open-label study in a total of three parts. Till the time a maximum tolerated dose (MTD) is established, in part one, MM-310 will be evaluated as monotherapy.

Post establishingmaximum tolerated dose of MM-310, the research study will comprise of two additional simultaneous parts having an expansion cohort as a solo agent and a dose-finding phase combined with several other therapeutics. Merrimack is predicted to report statistics from one part of the study in 2018.

Five sites are presently estimated to take part in this study. The first patient was dosed at Honor Health in Scottsdale, AZ.

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