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Recent Study Shows Lyrica’s Restrained Benefit for Sciatica

Mar 27, 2017

Recent Study Shows Lyrica’s Restrained Benefit for Sciatica

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Pfizer the US pharma titan has come up with a painkiller that provides more relief from sciatica than any placebo. Sciatica pain is a result of a compressed sciatica nerve that ranges from a bothering discomfort in the buttock to stinging sharp pain, along with numbness and weakness down the leg. Even though sciatica is less likely to result in permanent nerve damage, it can be quite irksome and mostly addressed with either over-the-counter NSAIDS or prescription medications. Sciatica mostly resolves itself over the period of few weeks or months. In 2016, Lyrica (pregabalin) was Pfizer’s second largest selling drug which accounted for global revenue of $4.17 billion. Also it has become the most widely suggested by the healthcare experts and prescribed medication for neuropathic pain, however the outcome of the study puts into uncertainty of whether how efficient the drug is when given for the leg pain afflicted because of sciatica. Lyrica was initially approved for epilepsy, and ever since then proven efficient is several different types of pain. A major portion of this drug has been, to be precise $5 billion annual sale are now given for pain and approved pain symptoms that include nerve pain due to spinal cord, fibromyalgia, post-shingles pain, and diabetic nerve pain. An Australian data suggests out of the entire lot, 14 percent of prescriptions are meant for people with sciatica. The latest study says that patients who were involved in these studies were at random ascribed to obtain either 150mg/day of Lyrica which was adjusted to a maximum dosage of 600mg/day, or matching placebo for almost for eight weeks. The prime conclusion was the intensity of the leg pain on a score board of 1 to 10 point scale at week 8. Later at week 52, the score was again valuated. This is the secondary result which includes intensity of the back pain, degree of disability, and quality of life which was measured at pre-specified time point in one year duration. If Lyrica had proven efficient in sciatica that results up to 40% of people in their entire lifetime it may render a bonus for Pfizer, which is probably to face generic competition in the United States in 2018. Lyrica in its generic form is already available in the U.K. for treating epilepsy, however not yet for leg pain. The study conducted concluded that, treatment with the help of pregabalin did not considerably lessen the degree of leg pain linked with sciatica and did not considerably enhance other outcomes, when compared to placebo in the duration of eight weeks. The prevalence of difficult measures was evidently superior in the pregabalin group than in the placebo group.

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