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The National Health Services (NHS) England Proclaims New Five Year Forward View

Apr 11, 2017

The National Health Services (NHS) England Proclaims New Five Year Forward View

The National Health Services (NHS) England declared the new Five Year Forward View Plan to furthermore enhance cancer survival by an additional 5,000 people.

This scheme will as well improve the experience of healthcare in the coming two years along with various advancements. As a part of this plan, many patients will obtain enhanced access to the latest treatment options. Also the establishment of the radiotherapy upgrade programme concerning a further investment of £94m on equipping hospitals with new linear accelerators (LINACs).

Cally Palmer, the NHS England Cancer national director mentioned: “Two years ago we set ourselves a real challenge to radically improve prevention, earlier diagnosis, and ensure the availability of modern treatments for all patients wherever they live.

“Quality of NHS cancer care continues to improve, with cancer survival at record highs, but there is still variation across the country, which is why our focus now is catching more cancers early when they can be best treated and we are also rolling out guarantee of definitive diagnosis or the all clear within 28 days.”

In the midst of investment in bigger diagnostic ability, counting ten latest rapid diagnostic and assessment centers, at the time of treatment, patients will get individual care and support.

Dr Nicola Strickland, who is the president of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) believes that even though the plans seem to focus on the need to fasten and expand diagnostic capacity and assures uninterrupted investment in radiotherapy services, they will yet not succeed to allow the results ideated by the English Cancer Strategy as the workforce required to render them has not received enough funding.

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